CableCollector’s Top Five Heroclix

As man of the people who play against me know that I love a certain few clix and here is my top five:

5. Black Adam SM

4. Loki CW

3. Nightmare ASM

2. Morgan Le Fey CW

1. Cable GSX


That is my top five, which are yours. Stay tune for my top five matches, the matches only include two awesome guys. They would be ClixTheDial and Wave Summers of Dancing Bottles. Keep on clixing

Wish People Would read the news so they knew what the hell was oing on

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers vs. X-Men Storyline Organized Play Event Update

Published on October 1st, 2013


Greetings HeroClix retailers and supporters,

We’ve been listening to your feedback concerning the upcoming Avengers versus X-Men (AvX) storyline organized play series and we wanted to share our thoughts as well as make an announcement of changes we will be making to the program as a result.

First and foremost, we would like to thank all the retailers around the world for your support of the WizKids Organized Play (OP) ProgramOP is the centerpiece of many of our product lines and your continued support is important to us.

AvX is a very exciting program linked to two upcoming starter products: Marvel HeroClix: AvX – Avengers and Marvel HeroClix: AvX – X-Men Starter.  Not only are these the two flagship teams of the Marvel Comics universe, but the recent comic book mini-series this OP program is based upon shook the foundations of both teams to the core.

Therefore we have filled this OP program with compelling competitive and participation prizes that is sure to excite our players, and hopefully you, our retail partners as well.

To that end, we’ve listened carefully to what our retailer and distribution partners have had to say about AvX specifically, and Storyline Organized Play in general.  To that end, we are making the following changes to the AvX storyline event series, effective immediately:

  • We are eliminating any and all purchase requirements connected to the AvX Storyline OP series.  Instead, we will be reviewing store orders against what their demonstrated HeroClix attendance has been for similar events.  Order allocations may occur as a result.
  • We are changing the recommended event templates for AvX from constructed events to a hybrid of sealed/constructed tournaments.  We will be updating the AvX event templates found in the WizKids Event System (WES) shortly to reflect this change.
  • Purchase of an AvX starter (Avengers or X-Men starter) is no longer a prerequisite for participation in the AvX Storyline OP series.  Rather, players will only need to bring one (or more) figure(s) from their selected starter to participate.
  • We are increasing our print run of AvX to more readily accommodate the current levels of demand for storyline OP.

It is our intention that by relaxing the requirements for the AvX Storyline OP will result in a much easier program to participate in, and therefore be more rewarding for all.  Furthermore, by altering the event recommendation templates in the WES, stores will more readily re-coup the costs of participating in the event series.

Lastly, we want to thank you all for your contributions to the incredible growth we’ve experienced with HeroClix.  As many of you are aware, in the past three years HeroClix has grown at an impressive rate and the response to Storyline OP has been spectacular.  The changes we are making to the AvX Storyline OP program, as well as additional changes to Organized Play we’ll announce in the future, will all be designed to both shore up the program to meet the current level of demand as well as increase flexibility for all.

As always, thank you for continued interest and support. -The WizKids Games Team

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Trade with CableCollector

For everyone who is looking for a trade for an awesome Con Exclusive figure then here is your chance, I have this figure for trade:


Looking for Xmen stuff of a different Con figure. Just send message if you would like to make a deal.

CableCollector is Back with big news

Hello everyone it has been a while, hope everyone got some good pulls from Wolverine and the Xmen, Fear Itself is ending soon and then begins the best organized play event to date Avengers vs Xmen. Big event coming up at my local venue to finish off FI, double booster draft for the serpent. Hoping for the best, right now I am 0-13 in FI play so if any time I need to win it is right now. Also finally got the biggest want from heroclix to date, the one and only Obnoxio:

Complete Wolverine and the Xmen set revealed

For those of you who can not wait for Tuesday here is what is in the complete set


Regular set figures:


  • 001: Wolverine
  • 002: Colossus
  • 003: Shadowcat
  • 004: Mirage
  • 005: Oracle
  • 006: Toad
  • 007: Shi’ar Soldier
  • 008: Dazzler
  • 009: Longshot
  • 010: Shatterstar
  • 011a: Deathlok (Uncanny X-Force)
  • 011b: Deathlok (Michael Collins)
  • 012: Strong Guy
  • 013: Multiple Man
  • 014: Rictor
  • 015: Cyber


  • 016: Cyclops
  • 017: Jean Grey
  • 018: Sunspot
  • 019: Starbolt
  • 020: White King (Donald Pierce)
  • 021: Flatman
  • 022: Korvus
  • 023a: Deathbird
  • 023b: Cerise
  • 024: Havok
  • 025: Polaris
  • 026: Layla Miller
  • 027: Husk
  • 028: Kid Omega
  • 029: Sauron
  • 030: Lady Deathstrike




  • 057: Cyclops (Phoenix Five)
  • 058: Namor (Phoenix Five)
  • 059: Colossus (Phoenix Five)
  • 060: Emma Frost (Phoenix Five)
  • 061: Magik (Phoenix Five)


Taking Over

With Jeremiah taking a break from heroclix I will be the primary provider of information for this tumblr for the foreseeable future. Thanks for hanging in there with us.


Charles/Magneto Duo

Can not wait for this set.


Thank You Clix

With the recent announcement from my brother about his recess from the game I thought I would like to express my sincerest thank you to him for introducing me to the greatest game in the world. I have been playing for about two years now all because of him. He has taught me a lot and challenge me in so many ways. I will forever be in debt to him for all the ways that he has pushed me to elevate my game to a new level. Last year I finished the year out around 40-110 which is horrible, this year with my brother backing my up I have set a great record of 50-31. Jay has always been someone that tries to make everyone part of the experience and has had great times with our fellow players at Charging Star Comics, in Johnson City, NY, and I know that if they will all say thanks in their own way. Jay you have helped me so much that I am so thankful and will make you even more proud of me when you see me play again. Thank you for the matches, memories and the incite you have given me over the last two years. You will always be a world champion in my book. Join me is saying thank you to a great player, friend, promoter of the game and all around great person. So once again Jay thank you so much for what you have taught and shown me and I know soon enough you will be across the map from me in one of our epic matches. Keep on Clixing


Leaving The Game…ish

Its been on my mind awhile lately but I have come to the decision to step out of game for awhile. I have many reasons. The Game has become busted with all the new mechanics and I believe they have throw play-testing out the window. Now although I’m more a Marvel Fan than DC I still like DC but Lets list the last 8 DC sets Shall we?

  • Dark Knight Rises
  • New 52
  • 10th anniversary
  • Batman
  • Streets of Gotham
  • Gotham City (I know not a full set)
  • No Man’s Land (op series)
  • Teen Titans

Now lets look at the next 2 DC Sets

  • Batman : Arkham Origins
  • Batman : 1966

YES Batman has a lot of fans BUT DEAR FUCKING GOD THERE ARE OTHER DC CHARACTERS and I’m not sure if NECA understands that.

Also Yes all the video game sets are cool they are so self contained its not worth it and LotRs is busted with Epic actions in regular matches.

Now I’m not trying to get people to quit clix. I’m just explaining why I’m leaving.

I also don’t have the time for the game anymore with my real world job is picking up. Starting new projects on here and elsewhere just clix is my main focus anymore. There are a lot of great heroclix blogs so don’t feel lost without me lol

I am so grateful for my time with this game and I will still collect a few figures here and there and play ever once in awhile. I have met a lot of amazing people and got to go to a lot of awesome places due to clix. I’m glad you guys stuck around for as long as you did. if you are looking for anything just message me and maybe we can work something out. I’m keeping quite a few clix but still getting rid of alot of great stuff.

Just do me one favor guys….Keep in Clixin’





Fantomex!!! And the return of the spy keyword!!!!

Fantomex!!! And the return of the spy keyword!!!!

Wolverine and the Xmen

This set is going to be awesome, which figure are you looking forward to the most?

The Single figures on the Excalibur team base. Nightcrawler Y U HAVE TO B MY FAVORITE X-MAN!

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